Attract Your Dream Clients | Virtual Event

Sun 03rd Mar, 2024 – 6:30pm

Posted by APA SF Director


  • Karen Williams
This is a virtual event on Zoom. Please be sure to register in advance.


This event is free for all !


Stand Out and Attract Your Dream Clients: Insider Secrets from a Photo Director

Are you feeling frustrated because your dream clients aren't noticing you? Have you ever wondered what photo directors think when they're choosing photographers? Your website is super important for marketing yourself, and it can either attract or push away potential clients. Let's uncover the secrets and learn how to position yourself for success! Join us as our experienced photo director explores the minds of photo directors, and shares valuable tips and tricks to make your website look amazing.

Join our March virtual event led by Photo Director Karen Williams AKA Black Visual Queen. 
In this event, Karen will provide an insiders look at the perspective of a Photo Director, sharing details about the selection process, tips for a knockout website and the power of personalization and research. 



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