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A highly anticipated and first-of-its-kind event dedicated to the conversation of AI in Photography. APA SF Talks AI with a handful of exceptional creatives in their respective fields to gather insight from their experience with AI thus far. In this candid conversation we'll lean into curiosity with an open and explorative mind. Join the Zoom Webinar to hear about AI from these professional vantage points and enter your questions in advance to gather their perspectives on matters that mean the most to you and your work!

May 15th, 2024 | 5:00 - 6:30 pm



Christopher Malcolm is an award-winning Los Angeles based screenwriter, director, photographer and cinematographer.  He has received recognition from groups as diverse as The American Society of Cinematographers, Communication Arts, The CDDP Program, AI-AP International Motion Arts, American Photography and American Photographic Artists.  His films have screened at and received recognition from film festivals across the globe.  Working in both narrative and commercial spaces, he has shot still and motion campaigns for companies such as Warner Brothers, Nike, ASICS, Lululemon and Verizon.  But, much like the sun, everything for Christopher revolves around the story.  The first questions he asks are “Who is the character?”  And “why should the audience care about their story?”  His love of storytelling has led him to write extensively on the topic and appear on such outlets as Turner Classic Movies to discuss craft and film theory.  He writes a weekly column for the photography and filmmaking technology outlet, Fstoppers.  He also sits on the board of American Photographic Artists and was an original member of the group’s Diversity Committee and creator of the Bridge Program which seeks to create pathways for diverse and underrepresented voices in advertising and entertainment.  

His interest in AI lies in ways to supplement the creation of his traditional art rather than replacing it.  He views AI as a bold new frontier that, much like the transition from silent movies to sound, or film photography to digital, is something that will fundamentally change the way we function, both as artists and as human beings.  The question is not if, but when.  To that end, Christopher has entered the fray full tilt to better understand the coming revolution and use it to continue to tell engaging stories to the world.



Leah is a force in photography with a particular passion for the real experiences of Generation X+ and their Generation Z kids. I’m based in Boston and San Francisco and make images on location everywhere. She uses improvisational theater techniques, and a relentlessly playful approach to lighting, to capture the most unscripted and human moments. My clients include Magazines, Advertising Agencies, Enterprise Level Brands and Institutions who who believe in the transformative power of photography.

In late 2022 Leah co-founded the AI Salon as a bi-weekly online conversation of about 30 or so creative people interested in AI. Just over a year later, the community of 1200+ AI Adventurers, pushing the limits of creative narrative and exploring new possibilities. AI Salon host an online meet up every other Tuesday night and a vibrant and curious Mighty Network. Together we are stronger to learn and grow, laugh and find purpose and find our way forward at a moment in time with Generative AI is changing everything.



Timothy Archibald long believed that photography and the arts are a path based on a lifelong relationship to the medium. As a person who was introduced to photography by a strong mentor in his teens, Timothy has always attempted to create a community of mentorship within his commercial and artistic careers.

A working commercial photographer, Timothy’s commercial work has been celebrated in Communication Arts Photography Annual, American Photography Annual, Popular Photography and Photo District News. His various commercial clients include Facebook, McDonald’s, American Express, Netflix and Botox Therapeutics.

His personal projects have resulted in lectures and exhibitions at spaces as diverse as SFMOMA, Emory University, The Museum of Sex in NYC, and in the permanent collection of Le musée Français de la Photographie, Bievres, France.

He is the Associate Director of the Photography Department at Academy of Art University in San Francisco, CA.

Images below (in the photobooth) part of The AI Camera Club, 2023-2024 



I’m Tim Haldeen, a Creative/Art Director & Illustrative Designer dedicated to crafting design systems, world-building visuals & compelling character designs. The majority of my career I've worked independently in VFX, Motion Design  & User Experience Design.
I’ve been fortunate to collaborate with a variety of world-renowned brands and work with a long list of wildly talented people across all visual platforms. 

1stAveMachine | Addidas | ArtJail | BrandNewSchool  |  Block&Tackle | BUCK | Deutch | ESPN | FrameStore | Google | Gretel | Havas | HUSH | IBM | ImaginaryForces | JuniperJones | META  | MTV | Netflix | Nike | Pysop  | The Artery |  The Mill  |  etc.

America Photographic Artists "APA" are mindful of the impact of this technology and the considerations around Copyright. In the past we have held talks with an attorney specializing in Copyright law, along with Copyright expert Jeff Sedlik, to help consider the implications of producing AI images and the Copyrightability of the work.

Please be sure to watch the webinar dedicated to AI and Copyright with Stephen Doniger.

Additionally, Jeff Sedlik recently presented to Congress concerns for photographers in how many of the images were taken and are being used for the platforms using AI. Read his testimony here.

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