APA SF Member Samantha Wolov Wins 2022 APA Awards Best of Show

Mon 29th Aug, 2022

Posted by APA Admin

Congratulations to all the APA San Francisco members who won 2022 APA Awards!

Judges' Best of Show by Samantha Wolov

©Samantha Wolov

Katie Lovecraft, Beauty / Fashion 

©Katie Lovecraft

Pedro Oliveira, Corporate / Industrial 

©Pedro Oliveira

Shawn Fender, Food / Still Life and Personal 

©Shawn Fender

©Shawn Fender

Edwin Vargas, Food / Still Life

©Edwin Vargas

Forrest Pittard, Nature / Animal

©Forrest Pittard

Peter Samuels, Nature / Animal

©Peter Samuels

Martin Klimek, Personal

©Martin Klimek

Jim Hughes, Portraits

©Jim Hughes

Margo Moritz, Portraits

©Margo Moritz

To view all winning images, click View Gallery, or scroll to see the category winners.

SEE the 2022 APA Awards SERIES winning images.

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