Keep Your Gear, Lose Your Fear - Planning a Safe Outdoor Photo Production

Wed 01st Sep, 2021 – Wed 22nd Sep, 2021

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Please note: Special Date & Time

THIRD Tuesday (not the usual second Tuesday)

September 21, 7:00 PM Pacific

Keep Your Gear, Lose Your Fear
Planning a Safe Outdoor Photo Production

Join us on the evening of Tuesday, September 21st for another SET event focused on working together to collectively elevate awareness, led by APA SF Board Member, Steve Babuljak. 
It's no secret that the possibility of camera theft, and the threat to your physical safety are a real concern when working in cities, on location.  
So, we’ve assembled a team of experts to lead a discussion on this topic, which will be followed by an open conversation of a few specific case studies that can act as examples of what to watch out for.
The first step is to work together to collectively elevate our degree of awareness. Get the facts and use them to protect ourselves. We then need to develop a list of recommendations to help professional photographers understand how to minimize their risk of being targeted. We also need to be able to explain the situation to our clients so they can plan and budget accordingly.
Please keep in mind that we don’t intend to focus on the many horror stories — there are plenty of examples already out there in social media and in the press. 
The goal of this event is to build awareness, generate optimism about solving this problem, and ultimately develop a list of recommendations on how to work safely and intelligently so we can all keep creating the kind of imagery we love. 



PLEASE NOTE: Do you have a first-hand account of a photo gear / camera crime that occurred while working on location? If so, pls send a brief description (100 words or less) of what happened to: We plan to discuss a few specific examples during the event. Thanks

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