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Sat 13th Dec, 2014

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The impressive 2012-2014 online galleries are here on the APA SF Curator's Voice Website.

The purchase an Exhibition catalog from any of the three years, click here.

(#1: 2014 Top Place Winners, #2: 2013 Top Place Winners, #3: 2012 Top Place Winners)

The impressive 2012-2014 online galleries are here on the APA SF Curator's Voice Website.

American Photographic Artists, San Francisco is pleased to provide an ongoing opportunity for the APA photography community to work directly with Curators from the Fine Art Photo World. Each year, the Winners of the Curator's Voice contest will be able to exhibit their images in local exhibition spaces, as well as in an APA SF Curator's Voice Online Gallery, which will be publicized to over a thousand Fine Art and Creative Decision Makers, nationwide.

APA is expanding its focus to include photographers' Fine Art work in order to provide a platform for inspiration and conceptual work, within the larger vision of what photography is today. No matter what kind of work you create, your vision is at the heart of it. What do you offer that is original and inspiring to others?

This is the place to show your unique ideas: the stories and images that passionately express your point of view - and the place for the Curators, who decide which images deserve to be appreciated, to express their voice.

Each Curator will decide the theme of the upcoming contest. The APA SF Curator's Voice Online Gallery is an inspiring place to visit to better understand the people who choose our work, as well as the photographers creating it.

The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Winners will be invited to display multiple images in the Exhibition Venue. Winners will also each have their own page in the APA SF Curator's Voice Online Gallery. Honorable Mention Artists will show one framed image each, which will also be displayed in the Online Gallery.



Tue 19th Sep, 2017

David Emmite: Mirth in Motion

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