APA SF Sponsors: Workbook & Yodelist

Tue 15th Oct, 2019

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Workbook has been a marketing avenue for illustrators and photographers forEVER, seriously we have been in business for 41 years and counting!  What started out as a simple directory has become our clients marketing staple.  With an awesome site showing off beautifully displayed and easily searchable portfolios, our custom shortlist service for creative buyers to help find appropriate talent and the new exclusive in person portfolio reviews; we are so much more than just a source book and Workbook artists are so much more too.  Please visit workbook.com for more information.

Yodelist is a proven marketing platform that streamlines your marketing efforts for success! They offer over 60,000 creative contacts that hire you plus the most advanced emailing system in the industry with interactive HTML templates. Their efforts allow you to stay in front of the people you want to work with! All APA members always receive a 15% partner discount. Please visit the Yodelist.com for more information.



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Tue 13th Jan, 2015

Tips for Protecting Your Work

Know your rights. Take a few minutes to read the Terms Of Service for wherever you choose to post your work, then decide.