APA National CCO Terms & Conditions

Fri 19th Mar, 2021

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The APA National Executive Board decided this should be available to all photographers, to help keep the photo community safe. It was written by one of our attorneys.

Terms & Conditions


COVID-19. Client, Photographer and their staff, agents, and contractors agree to wear face masks on the set during the shoot and to use reasonable efforts to follow social distancing recommendations. As a matter of due diligence, it is recommended that Client designate a COVID-19 Compliance Officer with specialized training and authority for COVID-19 safety and compliance enforcement to be on the set. Such persons can verify that CDC guidance and local regulations are followed, thus allowing the Photographer and crew to focus solely on their work without distraction or interruption. Engaging a COVID-19 Compliance Officer will protect those on the set and demonstrate, in a visible and definitive manner to anyone concerned, that the Client engages in safe practices and has used its best efforts to mitigate the potential for COVID-19 spread. If Client elects not to employ a COVID-19 Compliance Officer on the set, Client accepts all liability for any claims related to COVID-19 in connection with the shoot and indemnifies Photographer and her staff, agents, and contractors from any and all claims related thereto.



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Fri 26th Mar, 2021

APA is always very active protecting pro photographers’ rights

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