APA SF 23rd Annual Something Personal Exhibition

Fri 09th Oct, 2020

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All entrants were notified of their entry status; the Exhibitor list is below

Info about the Dec 9 online celebration will be announced here soon

The key to success is your personal photographic style

Our Twenty Third Annual APA SF
Something Personal Online Exhibition & Virtual Holiday Party
Wednesday, December 9, 2020   7:00 - 9:00 PM

Info about the online celebration will be announced here soon

2020 Something Personal Exhibitors

If you entered the contest, but your name is not on the list:
•  We're sorry, but your entry / entries were not accepted into this exhibition.
•  Thank you for your support, as APA works protecting photographer rights.
•  Please attend the online premiere on December 9th.

2020 Something Personal Judges

SCOTT AAL, Creative Director, Chemistry Club
FRED ABERCROMBIE, Creative Director, Lagunitas Brewing Co.
ANNA ALEXANDER, Director of Photography, WIRED
ANDREA BAKACS, Sr Art Producer, Weiden + Kennedy (Portland)
LIBBY BROCKHOFF, Founder, CEO, Head of Art, Odysseus Arms
MIKE BUTLER, Senior Art Director, Eleven
PAUL CURTIN, Founder / Creative Director, Novio
MATT KLUG, Freelance Creative Director, mattklug.com
SHAZ KUERSCHNER, Manager of Studio & Art Production, Duncan Channon
TIM PASCHKE, Design Director, Resin
BRIAN STEELE, Founder & Creative Director, SLATE
FRANKLIN TIPTON, Founder, CCO, Head of Copy, Odysseus Arms

2020 Something Personal Sponsors

Our 23rd Annual Something Personal Exhibition

The Key to Success is Your Personal Photographic Style

APA San Francisco's Something Personal Exhibition is well established as the most popular and prestigious Northern California photo community annual event.

Every recent year, between 600 and 1000 people have attended the in-person Something Personal Exhibition Holiday Party.

We expect many hundreds of people to participate in our online version, this year. All of the top Creatives in our region will receive special invitations.

For more than two decades, these yearly exhibitions have offered professional photographers an opportunity to proudly display their finest examples of their own personal photographic style, without anyone else's art direction. 

Commercial photographers, like all fine artists, expend considerable time, resources, and effort developing unique, contemporary personal work, not only to expand our own creativity, but also to add to our palette of techniques.

This invigorating, rejuvinating practice accelerates our artistic growth, and it insures that our commercial work continues to be impressive, truly powerful, directly connecting ... and inspiring.

We know that our clients understand and appreciate that a refined artistic style is a crucial element in the overall success of every campaign. 

Top creatives volunteer to judge these annual exhibitions for us, and in doing so, each time, they continually guarantee that we present only high-caliber, new imagery.

Exhibitions of brilliant images attract people who enjoy seeing strong images, before they become public. 

Be a part of this annual unveiling experience -- one of profound professional, creative expression, and join us as we present our tradition of ... Something Personal.

Info about the Dec 9 online celebration will be announced here soon



Thu 30th Apr, 2020

Lupine Hammack gives us imagery...

From Heather Elder's "Notes From a Rep's Journal"




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