APA SF Annual Something Personal Exhibition - List of Prestigious Past Judges

Tue 20th Sep, 2016

Posted by Creative Arc

Below are the annual lists of Judges from our most recent Something Personal Exhibitions.


24th Annual APA SF Something Personal Exhibition

Karen Williams,  Photo Director/Producer

Shena Hickman,  Freelance Executive Content Producer

Suzee Barrabee,  Art & Print Producer

Amber Dobson,  Senior Director, Video - Kendo Brands

Bonnie Butler Brown, Art & Photo Producer

Jiliian Sellers,  Visual Editor - Parents.com

Jennifer Putnam,  Chief Creative Officer - Allen & Gerritsen

Tanya LaSieur, Head of Production, Associate Partner - MUH-TAY-ZIK / HOF-FER

Toby Kaufmann,  Creative Director, Visual Systems - Facebook

Sandy Whittington, Senior Producer - Blink Media

Samantha Cooper,  Senior Photo Editor - WIRED

Kelly Fayer,  Creative Services Manager - MANIFOLD



23rd Annual APA SF Something Personal Exhibition

Scott Aal, Creative Director, Chemistry Club

Fred Abercrombie, Creative Director, Lagunitas Brewing Co.

Anna Alexander, Director of Photography, WIRED

Andrea Bakacs, Sr Art Producer, Weiden + Kennedy (Portland)

Libby Brockhoff, Founder, CEO, Head of Art, Odysseus Arms

Mike Butler, Senior Art Director, Eleven

Paul Curtin, Founder / Creative Director, Novio

Matt Klug, Freelance Creative Director

Shaz Kuerschner, Manager of Studio & Art Production, Duncan Channon

Tim Paschke, Design Director, Resin

Brian Steele, Founder & Creative Director, SLATE

Franklin Tipton, Founder, CCO, Head of Copy, Odysseus Arms



22nd Annual APA SF Something Personal Exhibition

Cameron Barnum, Senior Content Producer | Art Buyer BBDO SF

Suzee Barrabee, Freelance Art & Print Producer, Suzee's site

Britt Gardner, Sr Integrated Producer/Art Buyer, specializing in Print

Marissa Serritella, Senior Art Producer

Rosey Lakos, Director of Photography, Godfrey Dadich

Samantha Cooper, Senior Photo Editor, WIRED

Jess Shay, Producer / Art Buyer, Duncan Channon

Noah Dasho, Sr Print Producer/Art Buyer, Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Anastacia Maggioncalda, Head Of Production, LinkedIn Creative Studio



21st Annual APA SF Something Personal Exhibition

Mike Butler, Creative, Eleven

Paul Curtin, Creative Director / Founder, Novio

Robert Birnbach, Photography Director, Oracle

Nathan Durrant, Art Director & Lead Designer, Elixir Design

Hanna Wittmark, Associate Creative Director, Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Chuck McBride, Chief Creative Officer & Founder, Cutwater



20th Annual APA SF Something Personal Exhibition

Anna Alexander -  Director of Photography, WIRED

Suosdey Penn -  Creative Director, Chemistry Club

Jess Shay -  Print Producer / Art Buyer, Argonaut

Alejandro Chavetta -  Creative Director, Astro Studios



19th Annual APA SF Something Personal Exhibition

Tim Paschke - Partner / Design Director, Resin Advertising

Maryann Saltonstall - Creative Director, Freelance

Jason Rothman - Creative Director, Hub Strategy & Communication

Anne Elisco-Lemme - Executive Creative Director, Duncan/Channon

Kirsten Stewart - Creative Director, Havas San Francisco

Joe Rossman - Senior Art Producer, Venables Bell & Partners



18th Annual APA SF Something Personal Exhibition

Michelle Spear Nicholson  -   Head Of Production, Associate Partner, Muh·Tay·Zik  Hof·Fer

Patricia Hom  -   Senior Art Producer / Creative Manager, Riney

Nathan Moody -   Design Director, Stimulant

Bridget Watson Payne  -   Senior Editor, Art publishing, Chronicle Books

Kami Shallenberger -  Producer & Art Buyer, Heat



17th Annual APA SF Something Personal Exhibition

Suzee Barrabee - Director of Art and Print Production Goodby, Silverstein & Partners

Cameron Barnum - Content Producer / Art Buyer, BBDO San Francisco

Chase Madrid - Senior Art Director, FCB

Patrick Witty - Director of Photography, WIRED Magazine

Stuart Schwartz - Owner / Curator, The Image Flow

Blake Bäkken - Design Director, Venables Bell & Partners



16th Annual APA SF Something Personal Exhibition

DeeAnn Budney - Founder/CEO
, The Hive Advertising

Mark Kuerschner
 -  Popgun,  Design Co-Owner/Creative Director

Jason Rothman
 -  Hub Strategy, 
Associate Creative Director

Jon Steinberg - Editor-in-chief, 
San Francisco Magazine

Alejandro Chavetta
  - Alejandro Chavetta Creative Direction & Design, Former Creative Director, Dwell

Jan Potts
 Corden - Potts Gallery, Curator, co-owner

John Lee Wong 
- Independent Advertising Consultant Creative Director/Art Director



15th Annual APA SF Something Personal Exhibition

Dan Southwick
 -  Executive Art Buyer & Print Producer, Goodby Silverstein & Partners

Jeremiah Treacy
 - Partner & Creative Director, Resin

Marc Short
  - Senior Art Producer, GSW Advertising

Jigisha Bouverat
 - Director Of Art Production, Tbwachiatday

Jodi Nakatsuka - Photo Editor, 7x7 Magazine

Bryan Yedinak
 - Gallery Director, 
Modernbook Gallery I Editions

Denise Atchley - Consumer Marketing, Adobe (Photoshop.Com)

Kaia Hemming - Art Buyer, 

Amy Wolff - Photo Editor,  Niche Media



14th Annual APA SF Something Personal Exhibition

Bonnie Butler Brown - Freelance Senior Art Producer (formerly with BSSP)

Todd Hido
 - Acclaimed Fine Art Photographer, CCA Professor

Michael Fiore - 
Creative Direction / Art Direction, Michael Fiore Advertising / Design

Jacqueline Fodor - Producer

Alejandro Chavetta - Art Director, 
Dwell Magazine

Michelle Nye
 - Corporate Art Coordinator, SFMOMA Artists Gallery



13th Annual APA SF Something Personal Exhibition

Suzzee Barrabee
 - Director of Print Production/Art Buying, Associate Partner, Goodby Silverstein & Partners Inc

Ed Carey
 - Director, Gallery 291

Joe Kayser
 - Group Creative Director, Cutwater

Jason Apaliski
 - Associate Creative Director, Pereira & O'Dell

Michael Vanderbyl - Vanderbyl Design

Vanessa Dina - 
Associate Design Director, Chronicle Books

Amy Yvonne Yu
 - Art Buyer for Draft FCB San Francisco

Ron Escobar - 
Art Director, Yoga Journal



12th Annual APA SF Something Personal Exhibition

Paul Curtin
 - Creative Director, Eleven

Fabio Costa
 - Creative Director, Cutwater

Zana Woods
 - Senior Photo Editor, Wired Magazine

Jennifer Jerde
 - Principal & Creative Director, Elixir Design

Margaret Johnson
 - Group Creative Director, Goodby Silverstein & Partners



11th Annual APA SF Something Personal Exhibition

Kevin Stokes
 - Creative Director, Kane and Finkel

Suzee Barrabee
 - Art Buyer, Goodby, Silverstein & Partners Inc

Patricia Hom
 - Senior Art Producer & Art Buyer, Publicis & Hal Riney

Megumi Kiyama
 - Graphic Designer, currently at Godfrey Q Partners

Dennis Tyler
 - Art Buyer, Haggin Marketing Inc

Adam Brodsley - Designer, VOLUME SF

Lee Jakobs
 - Designer, Amici Design




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