2018 APA SF Ninth Annual Photographer Members Only Portfolio Review

Mon 19th Mar, 2018

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Our Portfolio Reviewers are being added below, as each one is confirmed.

When the Reviewer list is complete, we will open registration.

I'll be there. I really like this event. And it's a deal compared to other portfolio reviews. I've been 4 times and each time something good has come from 1 of the 3 reviews. 

APA Associate Member Leah Fasten

APA SF Ninth Annual Photographer Members Only Portfolio Review

Meet potential new clients; show them your finest work. Receive valuable feedback about your book.

MONDAY, APRIL 30, 2018

6:00 to 10:00 PM


$165 for three: 15 minute Reviews, plus admission to the private party with many of the Reviewers.

This Portfolio Review Event is reserved exclusively for: APA Leader, APA Professional, and APA Associate Members

VERY IMPORTANT, SO PLEASE NOTE: Your THREE Reviewer Appointments will be based upon the order in which the Reviewer Choice lists are received (not when you register/pay).

As soon as we open registration: Everyone must please register first, then email us (info@apasf.com) your TOP TEN Reviewer Choice list ASAP. 

Please read all of the Event Fundamentals info below.

This event always sells out quickly. When we open registration: The sooner you register AND send in your prioritized TOP TEN list, the more likely you are to get to meet with your TOP THREE choices. If you wait, it will be too late.

Thank you for having me at your event last night. I really enjoyed meeting everyone. This event is such a great opportunity for talent to get in front of the client and for the clients to meet great photographers they might otherwise miss. The portfolios I reviewed were fantastic and I found a few shooters I will definitely be fitting into upcoming schedules. Thank you again. 

Christina D'Arcy, Associate Art Director, Pottery Barn Brands ECom (Portfolio Reviewer)

This annual event is made possible by these generous Sponsors:


American Photographic Artists, San Francisco presents a very special opportunity for APA Photographer Members to meet one-on-one, face-to-face, with insightful and influential Reviewers.

We're lining up an impressive list of world-class Creatives, Agents, and Photo Editors. You choose three Reviewers to meet with, to help you refine your portfolio, and advance your career. In each 15 minute appointment, you'll be able to show what you do and who you are, and the reviewer will be able to offer you real-world feedback. You can present your finest work on your pad or laptop if you prefer.

We booked this years event at the impressive Capitol Art studio, and there will be an exclusive, complimentary networking party at the end of the event, so you can all get to know each other, and begin the collaborative creative process. Unlike other Portfolio Reviews, every photographer member attending will have the opportunity to meet & talk with many of the Reviewers during the exclusive Private Party from 9-10 PM.


Our Reviewers are announced here, as each one is confirmed.
When the Reviewer list is complete, we will open registration.



Partner, Design Director, Resin Advertising



Senior Photo Editor, platforms at WIRED

Previously she was a curator at Instagram and a creative producer/photo editor at Airbnb.
Photo Specialties she'd most like to see during her reviews: Portraiture, Still Life, Conceptual, Architecture/Design, Landscape, Aerial/Drone


Producer, Muh-tay-zik|Hof-fer

Molly Hayes is a Senior Integrated Producer at MUH-TAY-ZIK | HOF-FER. She has a BFA in Photography from The Savannah College of Art and Design, and has spent much of her career in the stills world, as a shooter, and producer. Now a producer of all types of media, she maintains a deep love and discerning eye for great photography.

Recent Client list: Audi, Lyft, Method Home, AAA, Netflix, Hulu, Golden State Warriors, Washington Nationals, Deezer
Photo specialties I'm most interested in seeing: Portrait work, Car Photography, Editorial, Landscape, Social projects 



Freelance Creative Services Producer

I have been producing for 6-8 years, with the last 2 years as freelance. Recently I have been a contracted producer for New Balance. Prior to this I had worked with Athleta in the marketing team as the studio + specialty shoot producer. Most of my production experience is based on location and in studio. I love the creative process and have been lucky to work on teams where I can not only produce a multi day shoot but I am also involved in the creation of assets from styling to catalog design and development. Looking forward to networking and being involved in the APA.

Recent Client list: Athleta, Gary Segraves Photo, New Balance



Art Production Director

Lynn knows and loves all sides of the Advertising / Photo Production business.

Recent Client list:  KUIU, Restoration Hardware, University of San Francisco, 747 Studios



Associate Editor, Chronicle Books

I work on fine art photography books and gift books and stationery with photographic content. In general I’m interested in seeing projects with a cohesive through-line, that will appeal to a strong secondary audience beyond fine art photography appreciators. That can mean many things, but casting a wide net, I’m interested in nature photography, portrait photography, documentary photography, botanical photography, and fashion photography projects with an editorial theme. Categories outside of my area of focus are food and lifestyle photography.



Artists' Rep, Poppy Creative Agency

Traci Terrick, founder of Poppy Creative Agency, has more than two decades in the creative services field. She’s forged connections with the industry’s finest, and Poppy gives her the opportunity to nurture and leverage those long-standing relationships. Traci’s background in art direction and production enables her to anticipate each client’s photography needs.

 Poppy Creative is a unique collective of San Francisco's top tier visual storytellers. Traci’s team offers a diverse array of photographers who are talented in advertising, commercial, and catalog work. The roster also includes stylists, hair and makeup artists, and producers.

Clients include eBay, Google, HP, Pottery Barn, Shutterfly, Tiny Prints and Williams-Sonoma just to name a few.

SPECIALTIES INTERESTED IN SEEING: Interior/Editorial Shooters, Architectural Shooters, Food Shooters, Lifestyle Shooters, Videographers doing Food and Interiors



Associate Creative Director, SPLICE Agency



  • Your APA Leader, Pro, or Associate membership must be current when you register, and on the event date
  • This event is open to APA Leader, Pro, or Associate members from all APA Chapters
  • Admission includes the private party from 9 -10 PM with many of the Reviewers
  • Everyone who attends must be 21+ years old
  • When announced, register online, then immediately email us your PRIORITIZED list of 10 Reviewer choices
  • Reviews are based upon the order in which Reviewer Choice lists are received (not registration date)
  • We will send you an email with your 3 confirmed Appointments several days before the event
  • Do not register if you will not be able to attend during the 6:00 - 9:00 Review hours
  • Registration is required; space is limited for this special reserved appointment event
  • Sorry, registration is not available by phone
  • Please plan to get there well before your first Appointment on Review day
  • We cannot change any appointments after we have confirmed them
  • We will do our very best to book your three top Reviewer choices
  • If a Reviewer has to cancel, we will re-schedule your next choice, if possible
  • All payments are non-refundable. There is an additional, nominal EventBrite fee at registration. Thank you

EVERYONE must send in a prioritized list of TEN (no less); if you choose not to send ten, we may have to assign reviewers to you (an easy-to-email-in Reviewer list will be included below).

You’ll get to personally show your portfolio to THREE of the Reviewers. Choose your top TEN Reviewer preferences, and list them in order, and we’ll do our very best to give you your top THREE choices.

Everyone will have the opportunity to meet and talk with many of the Reviewers during the Private Party from 9 to 10 PM (the private party is not intended to be used for additional formal portfolio reviews, rather it is an opportunity for you to talk with Reviewers and arrange to show them your book at a later date). Be sure to bring a small stack of business cards and/or promos.

This Portfolio Review Event is exclusively for: APA Leader, APA Professional, APA Associate Members

Your THREE Reviewer Appointments will be based upon the order in which the Reviewer Choice lists are received (not when you register/pay).


Current APA member, but need to upgrade to be eligible to attend? Please email us at : members@apanational.org



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